Latvian National Internet Search Engine

Latvian National Internet Search Engine
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Brief History of

Latvian national web search engine SIETS.LV was run by Lursoft from 2001-2005.

This is an archived screenshot of Latvian National Web Search Engine

Figure 1: quickly became one of the most visited web properties in Latvia. became one of the local web search market leader, with 25% of market share in 2005, according to market analysts using public Internet polling data of the time.

Another example screenshot with content and search results in Latvian: Latvian National Web Search Engine - search results

Figure 2: Latvian users could easily find more data from the local web than on Google.

Media and press about

Numerous publications about were made at the peak activity time of this free Latvian national web search engine service from 2002-2005.

For example, please see the article "Technology solutions for Internet search engines" about published in the monthly E-pasaule magazine of June 2005 (in Latvian).

Read more about SIETS.LV here: Download E-pasaule Article

Powered by uniquely developed crawler and search software

Siets crawler and search engine software was developed by Gints Ernestsons, co-founder and CTO in Lursoft, and his team of Siets project software engineers (5-7 people).

Technically web search service was operated using a uniquely developed, fully home-grown designed and written in fast C/C++ software code web crawler and search engine software technology.

All software for Internet crawling and search was developed under the same project name 'Siets' in Latvian (meaning 'sieve' in English). free web search service discontinued in 2006

In 2005 Lursoft co-founders mutually agreed to split the business ownership. Lursoft was staying in the local information services business for registered subscriptions users providing information on companies, court filings, data from different public registers etc. engineering team, lead by Gints Ernestsons, left Lursoft to develop search software technology business, starting several new companies. Gints sold his 25% stake in Lursoft and used proceeds to invest into new search-driven product companies.

After the split of the business, service was transformed by Lursoft from the free public web search service into the front-end of Lursoft's paid subscription information services. as a free public web search engine was discontinued by Lursoft shortly after 2005.

Follow-up projects using search engine technology

Several startup companies in enterprise search software segment and in information services industry were co-founded by Gints and his team from 2006-2018.

Siets search technology was continued to be used to build innovative new products in those companies: search appliances, search solutions etc.

More details about search engine software technology, history and customer use cases are provided on technology website.

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